Same Old Concerns, Just New Ways To Smoke Pot

You’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant, a street corner, or anywhere that there isn’t somebody vaping on their electronic cigarette these days. And with the laws easing up on marijuana, it only makes sense that this match-up would come to be, right?

With the intention of electronic cigarettes being a tool to help smokers quit the habit of nicotine and tar, the pen-sized, battery-powered inhalers have become a way to inhale something besides the flavored e-juice vapor.

Detecting what is inside that electronic device isn’t easy. Thus, making it possible to smoke your pot right out in public, regardless of what the law is. It isn’t unusual anymore to see somebody vaping on their morning train to work in cities like Baltimore. But knowing exactly what it is they are vaping, only the user knows for sure.

Across the nation in the past few years, the laws governing marijuana have relaxed somewhat. And in states like California, Colorado, Washington, and twenty other states, it has been legalized for medical purposes and possession in small amounts has been decriminalized.

And herein is where experts express their concern. They feel that by making drugs like marijuana legal in any form, and the drug products associated with it, is making it easier for people to find ways to use them illegally. So, beyond the standard “grass” form of marijuana, but in the form used in electronic cigarette and vapor pens, such as liquid or wax.

No, smoking marijuana is the old fashion from isn’t going to go away. Electronic cigarettes just created a new way for it to be smoked. Just like music has always been around in some form and then rock-n-roll came along, giving us a totally different sound. The same is true of marijuana and electronic cigarettes. And teens are embracing this new presentation.

The telltale aroma of marijuana isn’t there when smoked in an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer as it is when rolled in paper and lit. And because there is no lit end to it like in the rolled paper form, it can be placed in the pocket easily after a puff.

As it is more and more accepted that adults are smoking marijuana, drug counselors and the law enforcement sector are concerned about the teens, and younger, jumping on board with the trend of marijuana and e-cigs.

To date, there isn’t any official data on the use of e-cigs and marijuana by teens. But the CDC says the number of students in middle school and high school increased between 2011 and 2012 when it comes to using e-cigs for nicotine and other additives.

Across the country, law enforcement teams are instructed to check any electronic cigarette device when making a drug arrest, looking for marijuana or other illegal drugs. Drug addiction counselors are advising parents to be aware of this new trend as well. Where a teen would avoid a hug from mom or dad when they’ve been smoking pot, that’s no longer the case when they use electronic cigarettes.