Latest News Shows Heat Not Burn Cigarettes Still Harmful To Health

Heat Not Burn (or HNB) cigarettes have been marketed until recently as a safe option for the consumption of tobacco, and an attractive alternative for those who want to kick their smoking habit, however a government advisory body has recently reported that in fact they still contain harmful chemicals which raise their own health concerns. While they still represent a less risky choice than a conventional tobacco cigarette, they have now been shown to expose users in some cases to up to half of the potentially harmful compounds found in tobacco cigarettes, which is still a significant amount.

How Are Heat Not Burn Cigarettes Different To E-Cigs?

Government experts are now advising that people who want to give up smoking but who are having difficulties should instead switch to one of the other nicotine delivery methods on the market such as using e-cigarettes instead.

While some people are under the misapprehension that e-cigs and “heat not burn” cigarettes are the same thing, this is not the case. Although they both use similar technology – producing a vapour from heating substances which can then be inhaled rather than actually burning them to produce smoke, there is a big difference in that e-cigarettes use e-liquid which may contain nicotine, and which may have a tobacco flavour, but which does not actually physically contain any tobacco. Conversely, “heat not burn” cigarettes apply heat to actual tobacco directly. Although they don’t use combustion, which is known to be harmful, they deliver nicotine much more quickly than an e-cig and this makes them equally addictive as a standard cigarette.

While e-cigarettes can be used with e-juices that contain different levels of nicotine, with the aim of eventually using a zero nicotine e-liquid, HNB cigarettes only offer a nicotine containing option and this is not likely to help users to quit in the long run.

In traditional tobacco-burning cigarettes, combustion is blamed for many of the toxic chemicals that cause heart disease, lung cancer and other serious illnesses.

How Can HNB Cigarettes Harm Health?

Recent tests which have been carried out on IQOS HNB cigarette device show that the vapor produces can reduce blood vessel function almost as much as tobacco cigarette smoke. When there is a decline in blood vessel function, the bodily tissues and, most importantly, the heart cannot always get sufficient blood and this can lead to a host of long term medical problem such as an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. This shows that, even though the combustion element has been bypassed with HNB devices, there are still harmful potential consequences associated with their use.


The Benefits Of Vaping

There have now been a number of studies carried out into the safety of vaping, and they have all conclusively shown that using e-cigarettes, even with nicotine-containing e-liquids, is 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Even medical professionals and recognized bodies such as Public Health England are now acknowledging that vaping is a viable alternative to smoking and should be an option for anyone who is trying to quit tobacco. Therefore, anyone who is keen to kick the habit should consider giving “Heat Not Burn” cigarettes a wide berth and opt for e-cigs instead. Although vaporizers may seem a lot more complicated than simply buying a packet of cigarettes,
there are many websites, which will help novices to find helpful buyers guides, list of top rated e cigarettes and more. These bogs will point the way towards a vape pen that will help to smooth the transition from cigarettes to vaping in the easiest possible way for a healthier lifestyle.