Electronic Cigarettes – Is it a Safe Alternative?

Electronic cigarettes were long on the market even before it started trending in the American market way back in 2007. During that time, it was marketed as a device that will help the smokers cut back with their smoking habits. Even with the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, opinions about this device still has remained divided up to this day, especially when it comes to the opinion about the overall impact on a person’s health.
Should people be worried about using electronic cigarettes?
The concerns arising from the use of electronic cigarettes centers around how there is lack of evidence of what it can do to the body. As the use of electronic cigarettes is pushing towards becoming common, the gaps in knowledge regarding their effects are becoming much of concern among health experts.
It doesn’t matter how the electronic cigarettes are marketed or what kind of ingredients are contained in these devices. It is just that people these days are becoming more wary of the devices that have primarily appeared to be entirely benign.
Based on a study published in the Nicotine and Tobacco Research the previous year, around 37 percent were against the use of e-cigars in smoking-forbidden areas, while around 40 percent were uncertain of it. Such findings tell you about the uncertainty and caution of the e-cigs’ safety.

Regulation on Electronic Cigarettes

So what composes the e-cigarettes and what makes them dangerous? Most of these devices come with either a cartridge and mouthpiece, plus a battery and atomizer. The cartridge is where you’ll find the liquid solution, which usually comes with nicotine. This liquid is heated up, and then the atomizer vaporizes it. The user inhales the vapor, which emulates the process of tobacco smoking.

The solutions present in the cartridges have varying nicotine concentrations. The amounts can range from zero nicotine to high concentrations, 24 to 236 mg/ml.
A certain report coming from CDC or Centers for Disease Control that was published the previous year showed that calls to poison that are related to electronic cigarettes in the US have dramatically increased over the recent five years. By the year 2010, there was a call each month, but then it rose to around 215 calls each month by the year 2014, which is an alarming number.
Does this report show the increase of dangerous toxicity content in electronic cigarettes? According to Dr. Tom Frieden, CDC’s director, said about the report wherein it raises a red flag about these devices. He said that the liquid nicotine used in the electronic cigarettes is a clear sign that it can be very hazardous.
However, the defenders of using this device can point out on how the poisonings have started in the first place. Over half of the calls in the poison centers involved the children ages 5 and under, wherein it suggested the misuse of the product that was designed for adults to use.
Based on what the investigators said, child poisoning was mostly due to the child’s direct contact with the liquid in the cartridge, either it was ingested, inhaled or exposed to their eyes or skin.
With the rise and continual use of these products, it will also increase the incidents with poisoning as well. Electronic cigarettes that are sold are seen today as a threat to little children since they are not made childproof and that they are available in various fruit and candy flavors, which are scents that are very appealing to children.