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There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions about vaping, and it has reached a point that people believe that vaping is harmless to the body. In this website, we have gathered experts, sharing their expertise and knowledge about vaping and electronic cigarettes. This is to set it clear that everything you know about electronic cigarettes is just a touch of the surface.

You can interact with the contributors of this website and even ask questions if you want something clarified. Our contributors usually post your inquiries in public to share it with the readers of this blog site so that they will learn a lesson from it.


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Will Your Life be Saved From E-Cigarettes?

There is this new trend now – “vaping” e-cigarettes. They are still considered smoking, but according to those in this subject, it is not technically acceptable to call it smoking since there is no combustion happening. Electronic cigarettes are widely marketed as something that prevents secondhand smoking.

It has proven to be effective since the ‘smoke’ that comes out of the device doesn’t contain any harmful substances that secondhand smokers usually suffers. However, the question remains whether or not they can save the life of the firsthand smoker. You can find out more from the information presented on this website.


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